18 November 2014

at High Park, Toronto - II

the snake in the 2nd image is a Garter snake (Thamnophis sp.), one of the most common species in North America.
the 1st post on High Park is here.

17 November 2014

opening a white week

Hamilton, ON, this morning, 7am, the first snow of the season. and they say it will be like this all the week:

10 November 2014

happy pair

opening the week (one, they say, will be cold) with this happy pair running through the fields.
like them, have a happy monday and a happy week!

tree with dog and girl

7 November 2014

red dress woman with black cat

this is from the times when I made a lot of digital art. it is based and modified from a photo of Elizabeth Taylor.
have a nice weekend!

red dress woman with black cat

3 November 2014

remembering horses

want to start this week remembering these two illos of horses from 2010. just to put some color to the colder weather around.
have a great week, my friends!