26 July 2013

couple with happy doggie // pareja con perrito feliz

all these quick sketchy drawings has been taken from different notebooks. most of them from this year, some from 2012, so, are relatively new.
there are many more. I'll post them here after the sleepy process of scanning.

remote control lady // dama con control remoto

have a very nice friday!

23 July 2013

Athabasca River, AB, Canada

some images I took a couple of weeks ago at Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada. sadly, the impressive sound of the water cannot be caught by the camera:

start of the Athabasca falls

the water runs down furiously 

sculpting the ancient rock

the immensity of the landscape

the world of the river

girl and sun // muchacha y sol

another quick drawing probing a new nib. chinese ink on paper.

22 July 2013

Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1900)

I made this quick drawing from a card my daughter has on her fridge door. it was during the lovely days I was visiting her in Vancouver, BC.
hope you'll like it as much as she did.

21 July 2013

froth and smoke // humo y espuma

for this buddy, a cigarette and a cold beer is not a bad plan for sunday.
have a nice one!

20 July 2013

before the snake // antes de la serpiente

another doodle from the holidays. chinese ink on paper, probing a new nib. hope you'll like it.
have a nice saturday!

19 July 2013

woman with dog and cellphone // mujer con can y celular

a quick sketch done during the holidays. have two notebooks plenty of new drawings. this is the first posted here. will be more.
have a wonderful weekend!

13 July 2013

in the road to Jasper - the bear and the moose

more images of my trip to Jasper, AB, Canada:

line of vehicles to Jasper
a bear at the side of the road... a bear!
I think it's better don't go nearer
the landscape - forest and water
a moose with his calf at the side of the road
a moose (a big one) with his calf!

8 July 2013

in the road to Jasper - the elk

some images from my trip toward Jasper, AB, Canada, a week ago:

at the side of the road
deer running at the fields
male elk walking in shallow water
male elk displaying in shallow water