1 September 2014

Mirko walks at nights to get a bath of moon energy

starting a new busy week. we'll need a lot of energy. hopes that the moon will help.
have a good and productive week, my friends!

Mirko walks at nights to get a bath of moon energy

29 August 2014

fish revisited

this friday, remembering sketches from a zoology project I was involved in years back, between 1990 - 1995, I think. the final renderings are with the client, only the sketches remained with me. the first one, it is a very advanced 'sketch' - it is done, but waiting for colors. here go some of them, more in my album of animals:

mediterranean dragonet (Callionymus lyra)

comber (Epinephelus aeneus/serranus) - sketch

spanish seabream, besugo (Pagellus acarne) - sketch

26 August 2014

nice sunset

the latest sunday had a wonderful sunset. luckily I took some pictures from my balcony. here is one of them. a uploaded a set of three in my blog of photos (in spanish). if you want to see them go here.
so, this is it for now. have a great tuesday!

24 August 2014

a pond in the way

we went through this beautiful place at Flamborough, ON, last friday, had to stop and take a picture: